Christmas is just three weeks away, and what’s better to watch this weekend than a Christmas themed movie or series. Netflix has begun to drop movies to build up that Christmas charm. Some of you would like to watch something new, while some of us like to visit the past titles, and obviously, we don’t want to miss the most epic releases of this year. So here are all the new and old movies that you can watch this weekend.

Angela’s Christmas Wish:

Netflix has recently released a sequel of 2017 Angela’s Christmas. Last time we saw the heart-warming tale of a girl who wants to keep everyone warm at Christmas. It received great reviews from the viewers and the critics, and the only thing the audience didn’t like was that it was only 30 minutes. So, Netflix has brought us a sequel; this time, Angela is on the mission to reunite her family. It tells us the importance of family and the real meaning of Christmas, a film worth watching for kids and adults. 

The Holiday Movies that made us:

Netflix released a documentary web television series, a spin-off to The Toys that made us. The show had four episodes that featured Dirty Dancing, Home Alone, Ghostbusters, and Die Hard in the previous season. The Holiday Movies That Made Us landed on Netflix on 1st December 2020, and the two episodes are dedicated to “Elf” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The show provides us an insight into the movies with the help of several behind the scene peeks and interviews.

The Holiday Movies that made us

Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas:

Kids’ special Mighty Express is an animated series created by Spin Master Entertainment and Keith Chapman in partnership with Netflix. The series is set in a place called Tracksville, and besides the talking trains, what makes this show favorite of the kids is that there are no adults at this place, and the kids work together and run the stations. A Christmas special of the show landed on Netflix on 5th December, a perfect episode for your kids to watch this weekend.

Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry:

Chico Bon Bon landed on Netflix on 8th May 2020. This children’s animated web television revolves around Chico Bon Bon and his friends Clark the elephant, Tiny the mouse, and Rainbow Thunder the cat. Netflix released a holiday special on 3rd December in which you can see the team delivering Blunderberry cakes in the town.

Chico Bon Bon


The movie we all were waiting for is now streaming on Netflix. Mank is a biography of Herman Mankiewicz, the legendary screenwriter. The film is black and white, giving it a feel of the 30s. Mank landed on Netflix on 4th December. It deals with the problems Mankiewicz faced with Orson Welles. You certainly don’t want to miss a film about the writer of Citizen Kane. Big names like David Fincher, Gary Oldman, and Tom Burke are connected with the movie.

Detention: The Series

Detention: The Series is based on a game set in the period of White Terror in Taiwan. The story begins when Yunxiang Liu discovers a forbidden location in the school. There Liu meets the ghost of Ruixin Fang, who tells her the unknown history of the school and reveals how the teachers and students were persecuted just because they fought for their freedom. The Detention landed on 5th December on Netflix. 

Just Another Christmas

Just Another Christmas was released on 3rd December on Netflix, and it is about a man who hates the holidays. The man falls hard and mysteriously wakes up a year later on the same day; he finds himself in a pickle as he relives the same day repeatedly. The movie will definitely be funny when a person who doesn’t like holidays is stuck in a Christmas time loop. However, this incident taught him lessons about what is truly important in one’s life. 

The Mess You Leave Behind

The Mess You Leave Behind is a suspense thriller. The series is based on the novel written by Carlos Montero; Inma Cuesta, Arón Piper, and Bárbara Lennie are some of the prominent cast members. The show is about a new teacher at a high school; the twist is that she is haunted by a death that occurred there a few weeks ago. The protagonist starts fearing after suspicious incidents that happened to her.

The Mess You Leave Behind

Many of us like to watch the classic Christmas movies that have a special place in our hearts. Movies like home alone that will never go out of fashion. Many more films are slated to release this month, such as The Claus Family, Santa’s Super Monster Helpers, A Trash Truck Christmas, etc.