There is good news for all the crime and suspense lovers who have a great interest in watching crime series and movies.

Netflix has recently added many crime dramas on its Network. Here is the catalog below, which will ease your work to find the best crime dramas that have already premiered or will be going to air on Netflix in the coming months.

1. Mindhunter:

This series is the novel’s adaptation by the same name, having two FBI agents from the Bureau Behavioral Science Unit which investigates well-known serial killers to know their plans.

Along with its upcoming season, season 2 is expected to come soon on Netflix. It introduced Charles Manson and David Berkowitz as a new additional cast of the story.

2. Sherlock:

Sherlock was the most admirable series on Netflix. When it launched in 2010, it became everyone’s favorite, and it’s been decades that the viewers are still crazy for this show.

The way the crimes are depicted in the overall story make an attentive storyline for the viewers. The beautiful friendship between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch is expressed in the Sherlock crime thriller. So have a look at the trailer of the Sherlock series to get more about this story.

3. Money Heist:

The series on Netflix is one of the best and topmost series in terms of viewers. The series got viral worldwide and got trending on Twitter because of its addictive storyline.

That’s why many viewers watch this unique Spanish crime drama. Initially, the series is categorized into two seasons, divided into two parts, each comprising ten episodes interlinked with each other. The most favorite character of this overall series is the professor who always plans to commit the impossible thefts and his team of 8 members. It’s a fantastic series that you shouldn’t be deprived of.

4. Dark:

This series is one of the most admirable series that quickly Transcends the thrilling and suspicious dramas into a freaky, scary, and completely brain expanding exploration of space and time. The gripping mysteries of kids that keep escaping from a town makes the story so attractive to watch.

We must recommend you watch the overall series in German and English subtitles as the English dubbing is a little bit weaker than the German original series.

5. Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad is a fantastic crime thriller drama, and we must recommend you to go through this series. This American crime series is the creation of Vince Gilligan. 

Still, five seasons have been out of Breaking Bad on Netflix, and it’s fans are still eagerly waiting for its sixth season to get over the cliff-hangers that have been left at the end of the fifth season.

6. Luther:

This series is one of the best British thriller dramas in which Idris Elba is featured as the chief inspector who challenges to do his task between right and wrong. 

This crime drama comes across various complicated situations in Luther’s life that make it more Tangled. Its storyline is so attentive that it becomes impossible for anyone to leave the season just after its first episode.

7. Peaky Blinders:

Peaky Blinders is the very hit series on Netflix that breaks the record in viewership after Money Heists and Dark series. The real sequel was located on the premises of Birmingham.

This Television drama featured Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, who ran the whole racket after World War first and his gang name the peaky blinders. The blinders come together to rule over New York City. It is one of the best productions in the history of the BBC.

8. The Sinner:

The classic crime thriller drama is highly emphasized the bloody murder in a surprising way that leads the viewers to its end. The extreme performance of Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman is quite admirable.

The way the crime has committed and the investigation has put on makes the overall story worth watching. It is highly admirable by the critics and the audience and now the fans if the show is desperately waiting for its second season.

9. Unbelievable:

This fantastic series on Netflix is highly inspired by the real event story of a young woman named Kaitlyn Dever cattle, who accused of lying about rape on herself in the police custody. The two detectives named Toni Collette and Merritt Wever will investigate this case who re-enacts the same attacks. 

Although the series is not an easy watch, it will make you cry and lead you to frustration with this compelling sexual assault storyline. There are eight episodes in total in this series, but it’s a worth watching show.

10. Criminal: UK

The criminal UK is an instant hit on the Netflix original. The whole story is set in an interrogation room of four walls. The story goes around a team of London investigators who will suspect three accused of some horrific crimes.

This series is full of the best actors, including Hayley Atwell, Lee Ingleby, Rochenda Sandall, and David Tennant, along with the star cast of Katherine Kelly.

The Criminal UK’s first season debuted itself on 20 September 2019, along with its second season on 16 September 2020. Now people are still waiting for its third season to reveal the cliff-hangers displayed in the upcoming season.